Waste oil recycling

Van den Berg Oil Recycling has been active since the nineteen sixties in the collection of waste vegetable cooking oils and frying fats. In 2000, André van den Berg continued the company activities for part of the Dutch market.
In 2013, André van den Berg began focusing on Germany. Large volumes of oil were collected here, from oil solution and oil collection companies. Van den Berg entered into sustainable partnership with them. This proved successful. Since that time, the operations have extended to European countries including Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Sweden and Denmark.

As an international oil collection company, Van den Berg Oil Recycling specialises in the collection of waste oil in large volumes of 5,000 litres and upwards

The key added value of Van den Berg Oil Recycling is that dealing in larger volumes of oil enables us to offer a competitive price. We do not lose any extra time on storage and transshipment because all waste fats and oils are delivered directly to the recycler. 

Customers can also rely on us to work reputably and carefully. We deliver on our promises. This is vital, as customers need to be able to rely on us fully. And should a problem arise? We are happy to work with you and find a solution.”


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